IPL - Permanent Hair Reduction

InteliBrite - Intelligent IPL

IPL - Intense Pulsed Light Technology has advanced making treatments more effective and convenient - IPL is the present and future of permanent hair reduction and various skin conditions.

IPL works over a series of sessions - although it provides incredible results very quickly you will need to see your therapist over a period of weeks to ensure your treatment is successful.

As the intense light is only activated for a very small duration any discomfort and damage to the surrounding tissue is minimal.

Hair Reduction

As much as we can treat in your allocated time, e.g. 1/2 leg and underarm will need 1/2 hour Session, Full leg and Bikini would need a 1 hour Session

Consultation and Patch Test FREE
1 Hour Session £100.00
1/2 Hour Session £60.00

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