Guinot Face and Body Treatments

Beautiful skin... smooth, clear, luminous, glowing with health... the revolutionary salon treatments and plant-based products of Guinot epitomise the great traditions of French skincare.

Bespoke beauty... Hydradermie, an exceptional treatment that helps deliver radiant skin. Adapted to your specific needs, the Hydraderm machine combines galvanic and high frequency currents for cleansed, refined and revitalised skin.

Source of beauty... Discover the Guinot Sources de Beauté, an extensive product range to care for and improve different skin types. Formulated with pure active ingredients & plant extracts that help to keep skin healthy and reduce the appearance of ageing lines and wrinkles.

Beauty expertise... Our salon offers expert beauty 'confidantes', all trained to give truly personal care and attention to meet your individual skincare requirements.

Hydradermie² - The Star Treatment

Making your skin more youthful and radiant from the first treatment with fast, deep penetration of ionised treatment ingredients. Seven treatment types available depending on your beauty goals & skin type. Your face will appear rested and luminous with a subtle glow.

Repeat once a month, your face will be radiant all year.

Duration Cost
1hr £53.00
Course of 3 £143.00
Course of 6 £270.00

Age Logic - The Anti-Ageing Star Treatment

A specially designed anti-aging facial concentrating on the eyes, face and neck. It includes cleansing, exfoliating, galvanic, high frequency massage and mask.

Duration Cost
1hr 30mins £73.00
Course of 3 £197.00
Course of 6 £370.00

Hydradermie for the Back

Ideal deep cleansing treatment for clearing blocked pores and improving skin texture. This special back treatment purifies and re-hydrates the skin.

Duration Cost
1hr £55.00
Course of 3 £148.00

Hydradermie² Lift, the 'Immediate Lift' Treatment

Youthfulness & renewed tone achieved by stimulating facial muscles and a massage that lifts the facial features. This treatment adds a spectacular "lift effect" to your face after just a few sessions - without injections! As well as treating and toning the skin, facial features are smoothed deep down. Muscles take on new vitality and skin becomes amazingly smoother. From the very first session, your face will look younger.


Duration Cost
50mins £50.00
Course of 10 £450.00

Lift Deluxe

(inc. mask and face, neck & shoulder massage).

Duration Cost
1hr 15mins £65.00

Lift Express

(High-tech lifting treatment. Ideal for clients who want a quick treatment. The treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation and muscle stimulation).

Duration Cost
30mins £35.00
Course of 10 £315.00

Hydradermie² Lift Deluxe

(Hydradermie Age Logic & Lift Express).

Duration Cost
1hr 45mins £80.00

Hydradermie² Lift Ultimate

(The 'Ultimate Lift' Treatment - Hydradermie Age Logic and Full Lift).

Duration Cost
2hr 15mins £92.00

Lift Yeux ...The 'Lift' treatment for eyes

Add new youth to your eye contour with this gentle, effective solution. The muscles around the eye (the orbicular muscles) will be "exercised" to tone the delicate eye area, add new firmness and rehydrate. From the the very first session, small wrinkles are erased, crow's feet are smoothed and eyes look younger.

Duration Cost
1hr £50.00
Course of 8 (2 per week) £350.00


Guinot Holistic Facial Treatments


Beauty Care with Essence Oils
Natural sources provide essential oils & plant concentrates to bring natural beauty to your skin. This unique, personalised treatment combines the benefits of essential oils with massaging techniques to fill your skin with energy and provide a long-lasting effect. Concluding with an Aromatic mask your skin will recover its natural radiance.

Duration Cost
1hr £44.00
Course of 2 £79.00

Beauté Neuve

Double peeling Facial
"Peeling" treatment removes dull skin cells, so the glow of new cells shines through. The fruit acids in Peel 'In gel penetrate between dead cells to break their intracellular links, after which Peel 'Out mousse will gently remove them. To end the treatment, Clarimasque with pure Vitamin C regenerates the elastic fibres, enhancing a natural glow and lightening the skin. One treatment will restore a radiant complexion. A course of three will reduce pigmentation marks on the skin, eliminate excess dead cells and allow the skin to breathe again.

Duration Cost
1hr £46.00
Course of 3 £125.00
Course of 6 £235.00


Rejuvenating-Lifting treatment
A treatment dedicated to firm and youthful skin, due to the key active ingredient: Pro Collagen Concentrate, and the modelling effect of the Thermo lift Mask. After gentle cleansing, Pro Collagen Concentrate is applied, followed by the Thermo lift Mask that diffuses a gentle heat to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients. Redefining the skin and tightening features, the Liftosome treatment diminishes signs of ageing. The treatment furthermore restores radiance and vitality.

Duration Cost
1hr £50.00
Course of 3 £143.00

Essential Facial

The express facial for the busy professional

The ideal introduction to Guinot treatments - this facial includes gentle cleansing and exfoliation with a combination of rose water, almond and fruit extracts, followed by a delightful lavender and menthol-based mask to leave your skin smooth and luminous.

Duration Cost
45mins £38.00

Tres Homme Facial

Created just for men, this facial cleanses, refreshes and moisturises for a clear, healthy complexion.

Duration Cost
1hr £40.00

Each Guinot facial treatment includes a complimentary Guinot for Life skincare consultation.

Treatments to compliment your journey

Bathing Ceremonies

Walk into a sensory heaven where time is left at the door and a new journey begins. As you immerse yourself in the warm waters of the spabath, the aroma will delight your senses. Just lie back and renew your sense of wellbeing.

Duration Cost
30 mins £18.00
To begin another treatment £15.00

Visit the Saunarium

Relax and revitalise body & mind. Our Saunarium is a cross between a sauna and a steam room providing the perfect environment for your muscles to completely relax.

Duration Cost
30 mins £20.00
To begin another treatment £17.00

Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

The ideal massage for those in need of relieving stress & muscle tension customised to your needs leaving your body and mind feeling relaxed, destressed and detoxed.

Duration Cost
Back - 30 mins £35.00
Body - 1 hr £55.00


Guinot Holistic Body Treatments

Aromatic Body Bien Etre

A complete body exfoliation with a sugar kiwi scrub followed by an energising massage with citrus essential oils. Pure relaxation to leave skin soft and smooth and the body de-stressed.

Duration Cost
1hr 20min £70.00

Sugar Kiwi Body Polisher

A complete body exfoliation treatment to eliminate dry, flaky skin and refine the skin's texture. Exfoliation is followed by a body moisturiser leaving the skin feeling firmed.

Duration Cost
40mins £35.00

Aromatic Body Spa

A combination of both the Aromatic Body Bien Etra with the Aromatic facial will give you the ultimate pampering experience.

Duration Cost
2hrs 15 mins £95.00

Aromatic Solaire

For a glowing instant tan. This moisturising self-tanning treatment gives a long-lasting evenly bronzed colour. A safe and effective way to tan quickly without the sun or maintain a post-holiday glow!

Duration Cost
1hr £45.00


Source of beauty... Discover the Guinot Sources de Beauté an extensive range of products designed to care for and improve every skin type. Based on the latest research and medical breakthroughs, the Sources are formulated with pure active ingredients and plant extracts that help keep skin healthy and diminish the effects of the ageing process.


Guinot techniSPA

Modelled on the highly successful Hydradermie Lift concept, this completely customised body treatment uses triple action slimming technology and energising plant extracts to kick-start your body's lymph drainage system, helping it to eliminate toxins. It tackles cellulite by working on both the skin and underlying muscles, using a simultaneous combination of massage, lymphatic drainage, ionisation and stimulation. The result is firmer, smoother skin with a noticeable improvement in skin texture as well as a fantastic feeling of lightness and energy.


There are two versions of the techniSPA treatment, using different technology for targeted results:

Contouring treatment

Breaks down cellulite and drains fatty deposits, as well as firming skin tissue.

Firming treatment

Tones muscles and burns unwanted fatty tissue

Complete treatment

Duration Cost
1hr £55.00
Course of 10 to include home care products: £525.00

Target treatment

Duration Cost
30 mins £35.00
Course of 10 £315.00

Soothing Leg Treatment

Help to alleviate "heavy legs" by stimulating blood & lymph circulation, decongesting tissues and stimulating the leg muscles for a toning & energising effect.

Duration Cost
30 mins £35.00
Course of 6 £190.00

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