Collagen Stimulating Face and Body Firming

Non-Invasive Enhancement

Thermacell Radio Frequency


Sculpting, lifting, defining, tightening, reducing

Thermacell is suitable for both men and women, and tissue on all key treatment zones of the face and body can be safely treated.

Thermacell will remodel and enhance collagen, whilst reducing fats and cellulite - providing dramatic results by actually targeting the causes of your cosmetic conditions.

Thermacell is totally non-invasive, so you will have no recovery period and will be able to carry on with normal activities immediately after treatment.


Body Area Single Treatment Course of 6 Treatments
Brow £35/ 15mins £175
Face £45/ 20mins £225
Jaw/ Neck £45/ 20mins £225
Full Face £100/ 45mins £500
Breast £90/ 40mins £450
Abdomen £90/ 40mins £450
Lower Back £90/ 40mins £450
Buttocks £90/ 40mins £450
Inner Front Thighs £120/ 60mins £600
Upper Arms £90/ 40mins £450
Outer Back Thighs £120/ 60mins £600

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